POWERHOUSE-GALANG is an Indigenous-led think tank, collective and sovereign space. It was initially devised by Brook Andrew and led by its members to empower individual practices but also to be a space to support and share culture and creative practice and to challenge and imbed our own Indigenous giira (future/futurism) into museums and their collections.
"We hope that the galang publication series will inspire, share and spark a sovereign space in the often traumatic and awkward museum spaces surrounding our histories, belongings and bodies, and to inspire giira leadership by sovereign peoples that have been subjected (and still are) to colonialisms."
Dr Brook Garru Andrew, Wiradjuri/Celtic artist, writer and curator.
Dr Léuli Eshrãghi, Sãmoan/Persian/Cantonese artist, curator and scholar.
Dr Liisa-Rávná Finbog, Sámi scholar and practitioner of duojár.
Lisa Hilli, Papua New Guinea /Australian artist and scholar.
Dr Biung Ismahasan, Taiwanese Indigenous Bunun Nation curator, artist and researcher.
Gail Mabo, Meriam artist, educator and performer.
Mayunkiki, Ainu artist, educator, performer and musician.

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