‘..those who are in search for names for houses, children, boats and other purposes, will find a rich treasury of words native to their own land…’
While simultaneously being dispossessed from our land and waters, and having children stolen, our words were served up with no connection to people or place in the form of ‘Aboriginal’ word-list dictionaries.
Story Carriers 1-3 seek to reclaim the act of record and story keeping through the physical acts of deconstruction and reconstruction. Using the pages of the book I have created paper string that has been woven back together with the use of book binding thread. Presenting a new and elevated story held within the creation of their forms. The red thread represents the retrospective addition of First Nations authority to the pages of this book in the same way in which red pen is used to correct and edit documents prior to publishing.
Materials: Pages of ‘Aboriginal Words and Place Names’, bookbinding thread, varnish.
Photography: Lean Timms
Chair: Calum Hurley. Cloud Necklace: Minqi Gu
Story Carrier #1
Story Carrier #2
Story Carrier #3

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